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Pay safe, removing the hassle to carry your wallet

Ruplee is the Smart New Age Way to Pay. Now you can pay at all your favorite restaurants directly with your phone! Leave your credit cards and cash behind. Ruplee’s mobile payment application helps you pay fast and pay safe, removing the hassle to carry your wallet, entering pins manually and keeping manual receipts. Ruplee is now available at multiple restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the convenience of leaving your wallet behind!
You can also keep a tab of your payment history and monitor all your spending. Built by payment and security experts, Ruplee is very secure to use as all your credit/debit card data is safely stored and encrypted. Payments can only be authorized once you enter your CVV and 3D secure pin.

How Ruplee Works ?

The app allows you to pay bills faster through your Smartphone.

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How Ruplee Works ?

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Available at Google Play and On the App store.

Easy sign up

Sign in with your FB account or Email id.

At the restaurant.

Select the restaurant you are in, from the list and click, Ruplee Ready on the page.

Pay Smart

The server sends your bill to the phone when you are ready to pay. Click “Pay Bill” and submit pin to complete payment.


Be safe

Your transaction is safe with data encryption and no fraud policy.

Earn Deals and credits

Grab amazing deals and discounts with every transaction. Refer a friend and earn credits worth Rs. 100 on each referral.

Verified transaction

Visa Verified and Authorized Gateway.

Refer a friend

Earn INR 100 for every referral.


Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

“The application is really convenient for the customer and for us as well. Helps us in settling the bill faster. If sometimes the card machine is not working, its a life saver. The customer and the restaurant both are getting benefits through Ruplee.”

- Mr. Tarun Tomar (General Manager)

“We have been running Ruplee since our restaurant started and we couldn't be happier. Not only is it handy to use for both customers and us but also it's referral system has assisted us in acquiring customers organically. We highly recommend Ruplee”

- Mr. Jitender Dogra (Project's Manager)

“Ruplee is extremely user-friendly for everyone. The loyalty program and Ruplee credits have brought us repeat customers. Our servers and staff are happy because it reduces their efforts and the customers are happy because of all the lucrative deals Ruplee offers.”

- Mr. Partha Roy (Manager)

“We have been associated with Ruplee since our restaurant began and have already served hundreds of happy Ruplee customers. It is very convenient and helpful to use especially on occasions when our card machines are not working. It has helped us in shortening the turnaround time of tables and increased our loyal customer base.”

- Mr. Sunil Kumar (Manager)


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